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Backed by the slopes of the Loire, the Grand Coteau is a place of heritage, culture, and a wine estate

This beautiful 17th-century property in Touraine, nestled against the slopes of Vouvray, served as a source of inspiration for the composer Francis Poulenc. He would come to the Grand Coteau to rest, compose, and meet with his illustrious friends (Cocteau, Jean Marais, Picasso…).

The current owner wishes to revive the place, maintaining the soul of the house that was so cherished by Francis Poulenc, and to rejuvenate the wine estate. The identity of the estate needed to reflect this tripartite dimension: heritage, culture, and Vouvray wine.

Two key elements are combined: a contemporary typography in its treatment yet classic in style, and a coat of arms in which the house is depicted in outline. The accompanying green color was chosen to complement the yellow-gold of the Vouvray, whether dry, semi-dry, sweet, or sometimes sparkling…