Balzac Tours

client : Ville de Tours

brand universe

Blazac Tours Vikiu design

VIKIÜ symbolizes and reweaves the link between Balzac & Tours

Tours as the hometown of the writer, has played a significant role in his work. However, the Tourangelle origin of Balzac is often forgotten or obscured. Therefore, to reaffirm his origin and to publicize his link with Tours (in France and internationally), the City of Tours wished to create a “Balzac – Tours” identification stamp which would mark the events on the occasion of the anniversary of Balzac’s birth and beyond.
VIKIÜ has created a strong brand and brand universe, thanks to a black logo with bold lines, bringing together the key elements that link the writer and the city (the Loire, architecture, literature) and the choice of three strong colors (yellow, red, blue).
Balzac born 200 years ago is projected into a modern universe that allows it to appeal to a young audience and to play with the character’s effigy in a contemporary setting.
This universe comes to life through communication tools to promote events (press kit, program, invitation, poster, photo call, goodies, etc.).