La Quotidienne

client : La Tourangelle

Logo La quotidienne VIKIU Presentation

VIKIÜ creates the identity of the new La Quotidienne oil brand to accompany everyday gourmets

The objective of this new range is to offer a quality oil for everyday use, setting itself apart from the very industrial products which dominate the multi-purpose oil department. Packaged in the heart of the Loire Valley, in a family company, these oils, rich in Omega 3, are perfect for cooking or seasoning and accompany daily cooks seeking for a healthy, natural and delicious product.


While responding to shelf constraints (transparency of packaging, size), this new range should capitalize on the brand image of La Tourangelle, known for its specialty oils packaged in metal cans.

In a transparent bottle made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable, the shape of the label recalls the iconic labels of the La Tourangelle specialty oils. The green color of the name La Quotidienne reminds the natural origin of the product. The viusals are treated as botanical illustrations allowing the identification of the different flavors, while adding a touch of authenticity.

The strengths of each reference are presented in the form of a checklist directly on the facing as well as the neutrality of its packaging, giving a clear and simple information for the consumer.

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