La Vinaigrette

client : La Tourangelle


VIKIÜ creates the brand identity and packaging of the new product La Vinaigrette of La Tourangelle, which transforms a simple dish into a chef’s recipe


Delicious, delicately whipped dressings to sublimate and reveal the cuisine of fine gourmets, fans of the La Tourangelle brand.
These new dressings bring real innovation to the market with their original recipe and their delicately whipped texture.

La Tourangelle, a family business, located in the heart of the Loire Valley castles, has taken care to create a product in line with its values, namely a tasty, natural product in which each ingredient is carefully chosen.

The objective for VIKIÜ was to reflect both the richness of the flavors while maintaining an authentic, family, sincere aspect. This is why each recipe is identified with a bright color code, slightly lowered to keep it natural. The typography of the La Vinaigrette range name is a script like the handwriting of a family cookbook. So as to keep the visual signature of the La Tourangelle brand, the illustrations are in a botanical style and the shape of the label is reminiscent of that of the oil cans, the founding range of La Tourangelle.

noisette framboise Vinaigrette packaging la tourangelle VIKIU
mangue coco Vinaigrette packaging la tourangelle VIKIU
olive basilic Vinaigrette packaging la tourangelle VIKIU
olive citron Vinaigrette packaging la tourangelle VIKIU
sesame Vinaigrette packaging la tourangelle VIKIU
Vinaigrette logo la tourangelle VIKIU

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