brand signature
brand universe

VIKIÜ designs the new brand identity of Lumatec and defines a brand signature as a real common thread.

Lumatec, a Swiss company specializied in lighting, has been working for more than 30 years to transform light into an asset. Whether it is to illuminate, mark out, secure, the light adapts, blends into the background, highlights reveals.

The signature « When light designs the space » becomes the common thread throughout the brand universe. Black and white visuals are crossed by rays of light that outline the volumes and give shape to the space , while creating a sober and elegant universe. A single color illuminates this universe, a warm yellow, used sparingly to give it all its power.

The signature perfectly expresses Lumatec’s know-how and declines itself to present Lumatec’s different businesses and strengths:
« When light becomes a guide. » , « When light emphasizes shapes. » , « When light is recycled. » , « When light becomes a material. »


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