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VIKIÜ supports ALFAGEL in the launch of its new ice cream bar brand.

Already recognized for its brands Maison de la Glace, POP Fruit, and POP Polo, Alfagel has entrusted VIKIÜ with the launch of its new range of ice cream bars. The brand strategy, naming, logo design, and brand universe will form the foundation of this new collaboration, from which the POPELINO brand will emerge.

An evocative name reflecting the pleasures of Italy, a universe influenced by the Dolce Vita and the charms of the 60s, with a pale blue color reminiscent of that era, which becomes an iconic color giving the brand its impactful presence on the shelf.

The guarantee of authentic pleasure from genuine Italian gelato in bars.

Crafted in Lombardy, at the foot of the Italian Alps, Popelino embodies authentic gelato, just like the one enjoyed in traditional ice cream parlors in Rome or Positano. This ice cream, made from fresh milk and cream from the Alps, is delicately coated with a light and crispy shell. Each bar is an explosion of flavors and a taste journey that transports you straight to Italy.

Popelino offers a unique experience, combining the superior quality of Italian ingredients with the expertise of traditional gelato-making. This new brand promises to become a must-have for all ice cream lovers, seeking the authenticity and pleasure of genuine Italian gelato in a bar format.

A remarkable and distinctive packaging inspired by the Dolce Vita.

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